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My TBR Rainbow #3: Yellow

It’s the third stop on my rainbow tour of my TBR after red and orange. At first glance you can see there is more colour variation in yellow going from the acid sulphur hue of Louise Doughty’s Apple Tree Yard to the rich egg-yolk yellow of the Katerina Bivald near the bottom of the pile. However, despite those examples, richness… Read more »

My TBR Rainbow #2: Orange

Happy Easter Thank you all for your great response to my post in which I covered a selection of books with red spines from my TBR. As Rebecca suggested, I’ve added Gorsky to my bedside reading pile alongside The Chateau – I won a set of William Maxwell reprints from Vintage last year and this is the one that I… Read more »

My TBR Rainbow #1: Red

This morning while sitting in bed reading (with cat, naturellement), I glanced over towards the shelves and piles of books in the corner of my room that constitute just part of my TBR mountain range.  I saw a rainbow of spines and thought a travel through the visible colour spectrum might be a fun weekend thing to do (note how… Read more »

Challenging my reading in 2016

My annual stats round-up published yesterday always shows up some areas where I challenge my reading. For instance, I have always read a lot of debut and new to me authors, I like to include non-fiction in the mix and enjoy genre fiction too. So, I need to find ways to continue this in 2016. I’ve signed up for the TBR dare again,… Read more »

It’s TBR Dare Time…

Since its inception, I’ve taken part each year in the TBR Dare, hosted by James at James Reads Books, with its beloved mascot Dakota, James’s Basset Hound who sadly died earlier this year. It works like this…. For the first three months of 2016 read only the books that were already in your TBR stack as of midnight December 31, 2015…. Read more »

A TBR Christmas – what shall I read?

In an effort to read at least one book from my TBR piles this Christmas, I thought what better than a Christmassy book or two and went searching for some. I found some fairly quickly, summarised below… * * * * * The Light of Amsterdam by David Park It is December in Belfast, Christmas is approaching and three sets… Read more »

A new TBR project

Dear Readers – I’ve been inspired! Simon recently wrote a review of a book previously unknown to me called The Shelf by Phyllis Rose on the lovely new incarnation of his blog Stuck in a Book. In this book, the author reads a shelf of books in her local library – the good, the bad and the ugly, and uses… Read more »

More fool me? …

It’s April 1 – and the end of the TBR dare, so time for an update. If you consider only the books I’ve reviewed for this blog, I only cheated fully once and partially twice! The full cheat was the pair of Quick Reads titles I squeezed in on convenient train journeys. The partial cheats were: The Helios Disaster by Linda Bostrum… Read more »

State of the Shelves

Annabel   27th February 2015   25 Comments on State of the Shelves

The Billy bookcases in my library spare bedroom used to look like this: That is, on both walls, jam packed, double depth, no space left at all. More on the top in boxes too. Now, after a couple of months of real winnowing, one wall in that room now looks like this: You can see a couple of empty shelves, and… Read more »

A Sunday selection …

It’s been quite a week! Shiny Issue 4 has been published. If you haven’t been to have a look yet, please pop over. More on that below. I finally got my laptop back from the repair shop after a fortnight of having to rely on my old Pentium (much to my daughter’s disgruntlement, as it’s hers now). Using a slow… Read more »