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Guest Post from Mintcustard

Today, I’m delighted to turn my blog over to my sister-in-law. I shall hand you over forthwith and she’ll tell you more … * * * * * As a regular reader of Annabel’s blog I was delighted that she asked me to write a guest blog post. Kindly she left the choice of topic and format entirely up to me…. Read more »

Appearing elsewhere …

Just a short post to say that today I’m appearing elsewhere … My bookcases and I are over at Savidge Reads. Answering Simon’s questionnaire about my bookcases (and let’s face it, my mountainous TBR), was great fun and I am delighted to be taking part in his regular feature. I took a bag of books to the charity shop this… Read more »

Guest review of Ash by James Herbert

A few weeks ago I accepted a copy of British horror-meister James Herbert’s new novel ‘Ash‘ to review. I loved reading Herbert when I was younger, and thought it would be really fun to revisit him. But I haven’t had time to fit reading it in yet, so I lent it to my good friend Julia, and today I’m turning over… Read more »