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State of the Shelves

Annabel   27th February 2015   25 Comments on State of the Shelves

The Billy bookcases in my library spare bedroom used to look like this: That is, on both walls, jam packed, double depth, no space left at all. More on the top in boxes too. Now, after a couple of months of real winnowing, one wall in that room now looks like this: You can see a couple of empty shelves, and… Read more »

Bookish and not so bookish distractions…

Usually I’m a serial monogamist where reading books are concerned. I have no more than one novel at a time on the go, with just occasionally a non-fiction book on the side.  Stupidly, I started three novels and have got a little stuck with all of them at the moment. The first was because I didn’t want to carry a larger… Read more »

Appearing elsewhere …

Just a short post to say that today I’m appearing elsewhere … My bookcases and I are over at Savidge Reads. Answering Simon’s questionnaire about my bookcases (and let’s face it, my mountainous TBR), was great fun and I am delighted to be taking part in his regular feature. I took a bag of books to the charity shop this… Read more »