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Dangerous times in Florence

The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant I used to have all four of Sarah Dunant’s Italian Renaissance novels on my shelves. I liked the idea of them, as I love Italy, its art and architecture and so on but, I’m not a big reader of historical fiction, so they got forgotten and late last year I gave them away… Read more »

My Best Reads of 2015

Annabel   31st December 2015   25 Comments on My Best Reads of 2015

Last year I split my best of list in two – the Shiny edition and the Blog edition. I read just as many books this year as last (127) and awarded 17 of them 9.5 or 10 stars at the time of review, but I’ve decided to have just one list this time with a baker’s dozen choices,  mixing old and… Read more »

Bookish Disappointments…

Welcome back!  As if you’re not fed up already with eating turkey, I’m going to be talking turkey in my first round-up post. Yes – it’s time to discuss the most disappointing books I read this year. I pride myself on being able to pick books that I know I’ll enjoy reading – that’s why the majority of what I read… Read more »

A little more Shiny Linkiness

There are two books I reviewed for the latest issue of Shiny that I’ve yet to tell you about: The House of Shattered Wings by Aliette de Bodard This was the first book I’ve read by the Franco-Vietnamese author – but won’t be the last. It’s an urban fantasy set in contemporary Paris during the aftermath of the Great Magician’s War…. Read more »

The 1924 Club

Annabel   28th October 2015   7 Comments on The 1924 Club

I had every intention of joining in with this lovely project hosted by Simon and Karen. There was a book on the Wikipedia Literature list for 1924 I had long been intending to read – The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany. I duly ordered a copy – the Fantasy Masterworks edition which has an introduction by Neil Gaiman…. Read more »

Never heard of Tom Drury? Now you have…

The End of Vandalism by Tom Drury I reviewed this novel for Shiny New Books’ latest issue (full review here), but I felt it deserved its own post here too, because it is a modern American classic that has taken twenty-one years to be really discovered in the UK. The End of Vandalism was published in 1994, and I obviously saw something… Read more »

Non-fic Shiny Linkiness

Yes, there’s more Shiny Linkiness today. One of the things I do love about reviewing for Shiny New Books is that it introduces me to some great non-fiction which I don’t read enough of, and the latest issue is no exception. Please feel free to comment here, or even better – follow the links to the full reviews and comment… Read more »

Quick Reads – ideal for the train!

I’ve been terribly naughty and snuck in two novellas that got sent to me a couple of weeks ago, so not from my TBR piles.  But the TBR dare is a do it your own way challenge, and it’ll be back to books I already owned by the end of 2014 from hereon in – promise! Galaxy Quick Reads is… Read more »

The problems with other peoples' dreams…

Humor by Stanley Donwood The publisher of this book wishes me to vouch for the writer of this book who is a friend of mine in order to utilise whatever celebrity kudos the writer of this quote, i.e. me, has left in order to advance the sales of this book. This has been duly done now in the form of… Read more »

A French charmer

Annabel   10th January 2015   11 Comments on A French charmer

The List of My Desires by Grégoire Delacourt Translated by Anthea Bell As can be seen from my annual stats review (here if you like that kind of thing!), the country I visited the most to read in translation from last year was France. I suspect that’s going to continue this year too, for I have four more Pascal Garniers,… Read more »