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The TBR Triple Dog Dare

For the past three years, CB at Ready when you are, CB has hosted a TBR Dare, made into a Dog Dare in honour of Dakota, his Bassett Hound.  This year the Triple Dog Dare will be, so he says, the last one.  I’ve signed up again for the full three months – will you?

Triple Dog DareIt’s very simple. Read only books already in your TBR pile or reserved at the library from Jan 1st 2014 until March 31st if you can.

You can have exemptions for book club books, or any other scheduled reads that you need to do. You don’t have to stop acquiring books either – you just have to resist reading them.

With those little exemptions, I’ve managed the full three months for three years on the trot now – here’s to the fourth!



  1. You’re very brave – I’d like to sign up but I don’t know if I dare……!

  2. What a great idea – and well done to you for managing it x3! I may well have to give it a go; putting a dent in my TBR pile is always on the to-do list, it would be nice to actually do it!
    Best of luck with your fourth time ’round!

  3. Thanks for posting a link to our little dare and for making it four years in a row. I’m starting to look forward to it. Hope you have fun with it.

  4. I’ve signed up too! It should help me concentrate on reading my own books – from my double stacked bookshelves!!!

  5. I love this idea. i’m dedicating December to clearing away some of my TBR pile and I wish I could do it in the new year too, but I’m committed to doing a number of reviews already. Hopefully someone will take it over for next year!

  6. I’m not certain that I would be able to stick to this, which would make me feel such a failure but looking at my bookshelves I really ought to try.

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