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My New Reading Chair

YIPPEE! My new reading chair arrived this afternoon (with matching sofa, from the sales at Furniture Village).

It’s a ‘smuggler’ chair – one and a half seats wide, so plenty of room for feet and wriggling and cushions – and a cat when we get one.  Meanwhile my daughter is pleased with the sofa because it is longer than our old one and she can lie on it, (just 3 months and she’s a proper teenager!).

New Chair 003

I’m now going to baptize it with my current read – The Cleaner of Chartres by Salley Vickers – I’m going to hear her talk next week (more info from Mostly Books).

I was slightly surprised that we ended up choosing a neutral grey-brown colour sofa though for there was red on offer (I love red), but I shall save that for winter cushioning.  But thinking about how I’d describe the colour – it’s minky – and that’s the name and colour of our much beloved hamster!

Mostly Minky 046 compressed


So that’s my new place to read.  Why don’t you tell me about your reading chairs and reading places …


  1. That chair looks perfect! I really want a nice reading corner, but I would need a bigger apt, which is not likely to happen as long as I stay in San Francisco. Sigh.

  2. Enjoy your new reading chair! I’m a sloucher so a few years ago I bought a reading chair with a footstool under it which I can slide out! However more often than not my ‘reading chair’ is the Tube – mind you the Central Line does come in a sort of red!!!!!!

  3. Cat plus hamster. Yum yum

  4. That chair looks amazingly comfy! Perfect for reading. I’m jealous!

  5. I am *soooooooooooooo* jealous – my reading usually takes place wherever I can find 5 minutes to perch somewhere. But a dedicated reading chair – lucky you!!

  6. looks like a great chair to curl up in ,all the best stu

  7. I hope it lives up expectations, looks fabulous!

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