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Appearing elsewhere …

Just a short post to say that today I’m appearing elsewhere … My bookcases and I are over at Savidge Reads. Answering Simon’s questionnaire about my bookcases (and let’s face it, my mountainous TBR), was great fun and I am delighted to be taking part in his regular feature.

I took a bag of books to the charity shop this morning – including several chunksters that are just too long and don’t think I’ll ever read them – that means Infinite Jest, A Suitable Boy and Anathem amongst others. They may be masterpieces but life’s too short. Between them that frees up over six inches of shelf space, and I can always re-acquire/borrow them should the urge to actually read them come.

So see you at Simon’s and I’ll sure we can find a virtual cuppa and biscuits while you peruse the shelves…


  1. I loved A Suitable Boy and don’t recall finding it long (though of course it is!), but then if space is at a premium it would be a prime candidate for the cull.

  2. You are making a grave mistake. Read A Suitable Boy; it is wonderful.

    • Sorry to disappoint you – but too late, A suitable boy has gone … for now. With a TBR into the multiple 1000s, I’m having to concentrate on those books I’m surer that I’ll read. I could always buy it again though … there are often copies in charity shops.

  3. I read A Suitable Boy in three easy to carry volumes, so it was more like reading a trilogy, couldn’t cope with that heavy thing of more than 1000 pages.

  4. Kudos to you for supporting the charity shops at a time when they’re feeling the effects of the recession like other retail outlets. I do try to prune out the books I have had lingering for years now and realistically never going to read. But every time I put the pile ready, I get the same comment from my husband ‘I was thinking of reading that.’ so back on the shelf it goes…for at least another decade

  5. Your design works really well. Love the fonts in particular. Will now head across to look at your post in exile

  6. Your bookcases are inspiring. I really must buy another case this year and make mine prettier. 😉

    • Only the posh ones are organised neatly though… I’m currently culling to make a little room for more neatness, (or is that space for more books 😉 )

  7. Thank you so much for taking part Annabel!

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