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It’s Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week!

Welcome to Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week

I hope that many of you will join us in reading one of her books this week, and maybe posting about it, or leaving a comment on any of the Beryl posts here. Please do leave a link to your review in the comments below so everyone can follow the trail.  I will do a round-up post with all of the links in one place at the end of the week.

I really hope that you enjoy reading this very British author’s works.  Let me know your favourites; whether you prefer her historical works or her gritty dramas; whether you find her writing funny, wicked, or anything else.

I’m off to continue reading … my first review will follow soon. It’ll be about one of these…


  1. I’m really enjoying Harriet Said. Wickedly funny. Around half way through so should have a blog post up by Wednesday. Looking forward to reading a bevy of Beryl blogs.

  2. What a lovely collection! My first BB review will appear tomorrow, and I’m hoping to have one or two others this week – depending on what I manage to read!

  3. I have posted on Harriet Said and here is the link
    I’ve read some more so more to come. I love BB!!!

  4. I’ve finished Master Georgie and will write a review on it later today. Am about half-way through The Bottle Factory Outing and will try to get it finished by mid-week. Beyond that I have a couple of other BB’s on my shelves that I’ve managed to pick up but I might not get them read till next week (as am off to Isle of Wight Festival Thursday!). But after reading Master Georgie and Bottle Factory Outing I’m looking forward to reading the others and to reading others’ reviews of BB’s work.

    • gaskella

      June 18, 2012 at 2:06 pm

      So you’ve gone for one each end of the canon Col! It’ll be interesting to see whether you prefer the gritty drama or the historical gritty drama.

  5. My review of The Dressmaker just went up – – and I have three more books I am planning to read this week. :)

  6. I am looking forward to my first ever Beryl Bainbridge which I will start when I finish my current read. I anticipate finishing that sometime this evening.
    By the way good luck with your Beryl Bainbridge week. I am hosting a month long re-reading project on my blog and have never done anything like that before – so not really sure what I am doing – so if you have any tips? : )

    • gaskella

      June 18, 2012 at 5:42 pm

      Simon T posted some of the photos from your Oxford Virago w/e – looks like you all had a great time. I can’t join you on your Re-reading month – my TBR is just too big, but wish you well. If you want some more peeps to join in, I’d suggest publicising it on Twitter or set up an event on Facebook, and of course – keep mentioning it at every opportunity. I look forward to you thoughts on your first BB :)

  7. I had a lot less success with my second Bainbridge, I just found Every Man For Himself way too cold for my tastes – – but it was interesting and definitely worthwhile to read something so different from The Dressmaker.

  8. I’m being very slow this week and have only just finished my first BB, Master Georgie: . I found it interesting but I’m not sure I really got it. I have The Bottle Factory Outing to read next, so I’m hoping tthat will good contrast.

  9. Hi Annabel,

    I’d never read Bainbridge before, so I dipped my toes in the water with An Awfully Big Adventure. Unfortunately, I found it a little too distant; but I’d like to read more by her, so if anyone has any suggestions…

  10. My review of Something Happened Yesterday is up!

  11. Here is a review of Filthy Lucre, I am doing something Beryl inspired tomorrow and also have randomly read another of her books so will post another review Sunday. You started my Beryl love remember…

    Anyway Filthy Lucre

  12. In 1933 J B Priestley explored England for a book called English Journey. In 1983 Beryl Bainbridge went to see what had happened to Priestley’s England in the intervening fifty years. I figured I couldn’t read one without the other so I’ve reviewed Priestley’s book today ( and will follow up with Bainrbridge’s over the weekend. :)

    • gaskella

      June 22, 2012 at 4:28 pm

      What a lovely thing to do. I used to own a copy of the Priestley, but seem to have managed to get rid of it, so I shall rely on your comparisons. 😉

  13. I enjoyed The Bottle Factory Outing much more. :-)
    Now I’m going to try and squeeze in Every Man for Himself before the end of today!

  14. I did manage to finish Bainbridge’s English Journey on Saturday but it’s taken me until this morning to write up my thoughts! Just for completeness the review’s up at

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