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Getting Ready for Beryl…

Later this month I’m hosting a Beryl Bainbridge Reading Week (June 18-24).  Thanks to everyone who has said they plan to join in so far.

If you need a little help deciding what to read, a full bibliography of her works can be seen in these posts from a couple of weeks ago – part one and part two.  I am indebted to Seamus at Vapour Trails for spotting that I’d missed out Young Adolf from my lists. This has now been remedied. Thanks Seamus!

With a recent arrival, I’ve now acquired a full set of Bainbridge’s published books (barring any contributions to other anthologies).  They actually make rather a daunting shelf full, and I’m finding it hard to decide where to dive in!

Here they are in published order of the fiction, then short stories, then the non-fiction. Maybe I should start at the beginning …


  1. Looking forward to reading my first Beryl Bainbridge novel The Bottle Factory Outing. Thanks for hosting this.

  2. I’ve got 4 BBs – I’ve read one and am onto the second. I love her! The first one I read, for obvious reasons, was Harriet Said and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Will be reviewing it during the week itself, of course.

  3. I was hoping to join in on this but the past month has been crazy and I have no time. I will follow along with the posts…

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