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Let it snow

Annabel   28th February 2012   12 Comments on Let it snow

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey This lovely modern fairytale is that rarity – a book that lives up to the hype. There have been many reviews, in both print and on blog over the past couple of months. Without exception I think, all have been glowing and gushing about this book – I’ll now add mine to the collection…… Read more »

It’s. Bill Shatner’s. Autobiography. Yes. Captain Kirk…

Up Till Now: The Autobiography by William Shatner with David Fisher I can’t remember if I’ve confessed up to it since I’ve been blogging, but I used to be a full-blown Trekker – a Star Trek fan.  I managed to stop just short of buying a uniform, but had all the videos of all the episodes of all the series,… Read more »

Short Takes on Two Short Stories…

I don’t read many short stories, but this week, I’ve happened to read two … The Small Miracleby Paul Gallico Published in  1951, Gallico’s story is a charming fable of faith and love about an orphan boy Pepino, and his donkey Violette. Pepino and Violette live in Assisi. They make ends meet by doing donkey work for everyone in the… Read more »

A Favourite Reference Book – About Books…

The Reader’s Companion to the Twentieth Century Novel ed Peter Parker. I know that you bookish sorts like nothing more than a book about books, so today I shall introduce you to one of my favourites. Published back in 1994, and edited by Peter Parker, (consultant editor Frank Kermode), this chunky tome chronicles the twentieth century in novels, (well up… Read more »

Aaarrr! Here be Pirates, Aaarrr, me hearties!

This Easter, I shall be hotfooting it to the multiplex to see the latest film from the ever-wonderful Aardman (or should that be Aaarrr-dman, sic) Animations which is called The Pirates – Band of Misfits (Trailer here). With an all star cast of voices including Hugh Grant as the Pirate Captain and Salma Hayek as Cutlass Liz, it will be… Read more »

Murder – the lawyer’s tale

The Child Who by Simon Lelic After writing a spec fiction thriller for his second novel The Facility, review here, Lelic returns to give us a different take on familiary territory for his third. His stunning debut Rupture, review here, was a Whydunnit which explored how a teacher came to murder his pupils. The Child Who takes its inspiration from the tragic murder of… Read more »

TBR Double Dare Update

This quarter I’m taking part in the TBR Double Dare hosted by CB James where I have vowed only to read books I already owned before 1.1.12 until the end of March. I managed it last year, and I will manage it this year too (with an exception for Book Group books). I’ve read nine books now this year, and… Read more »

Book Group Report – Rutshire Redux

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed our Book Group’s January read here. This week we met, so here’s an update on what the group thought about Riders by Jilly Cooper. I was the only woman in our group who’d never read a Jilly Cooper novel. The rest had read quite a few over the years, and enjoyed revisiting her… Read more »

Raining in my heart?

Annabel   8th February 2012   5 Comments on Raining in my heart?

The Man Who Rained by Ali Shaw When Ali Shaw’s first magical novel, The Girl with Glass Feet was published in 2009, I was drawn to this adult fairy-tale like a Greek sailor to the sirens, nothing could have stopped me reading it.  Luckily for me, it was good – very good. Without doubt, it was the best debut I… Read more »

Mostly Bookbrains III – what a night!

Phew!  I can rest from having to compile quiz questions for a while.  The third Mostly Bookbrains lit quiz night happened yesterday evening. It was icy cold out, but that didn’t stop the bookish folk of Abingdon and beyond from going out and  filling our school hall – Dave, the caretaker, had to get extra tables for us.  The Quiznight… Read more »