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My Day in Books

I found this meme which was started by Karen at Cornflower Books via Simon T at Stuck in a Book. Just complete the story with titles of books you have read this year. This was fun – so do feel free to have a go yourself…


I began the day with The Fatal Eggs

On my way to work I saw Snowdrops

and walked by Rivers of London

to avoid The Ministry of Pandaemonium,

but I made sure to stop at Jamrach’s Menagerie.

In the office, my boss said, “Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion?

and sent me to research Salmon fishing in the Yemen.

At lunch with Zazie in the Metro

I noticed The tiny wife

under The cabinet of curiosities

then went back to my desk, In the country of men.

Later, on the journey home, I bought Half of a yellow sun

because I have Carte blanche.

Then settling down for the evening, I picked up The rules of engagement

and studied The facility

before saying goodnight to God’s own country.


  1. What a surreal day, Annabel! Although I’m surprised you did anything after eating fatal eggs…

  2. Interesting story told. Any time I read such memes I tell myself I’ll write one but end up not doing it. I enjoyed your story.

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