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Reunited with a childhood treasure …

Yesterday was a meeting of the Thorn clan: – My daughter & I,  my Dad, my ‘little bro’ and his brood, my two half-siblings and their kids, plus associated partners. One thing that came up in conversation was a book that has now passed through a number of hands and across generations, but has been loved by all… Amazingly, the… Read more »

Me & My TBR

Annabel   30th December 2011   5 Comments on Me & My TBR

I have a love-hate relationship with my TBR piles. I love having my own personal library to choose from.  But for every volume I pick off my own shelves, I read a shiny newly published title, and maybe add another onto the shelf. That’s why I’ve signed up for the TBR Double Dare hosted by C B James. I took part in… Read more »

The return of everyone’s flying car

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again by Frank Cottrell Boyce When Mr Tooting is made redundant, he decides he needs a project and, with son Jem’s help, they rebuild an ancient old camper van. Then the plan is to go globe-trotting in it. It needs new vintage sparkplugs though despite all their travails. Off they go to a special scrap… Read more »

Book Stats – Review of 2011

I told you about my Books of the Year a few weeks ago here, but another thing I like to do at the end of the year is compare my reading stats. Being an inveterate list-maker and cataloguer this always appeals to me, and actually I’ve had a different type of reading year in 2011 compared to the couple before…. Read more »


Annabel   25th December 2011   6 Comments on MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Spying is a dirty game …

The Envoy by Edward Wilson A few weeks ago I got an e-mail from Edward Wilson inviting me to a signing he was doing in Ipswich.  I replied saying that Oxford was too far for me to come, but wished him well with his new book. I also told him that I had one of his titles on my shelves…. Read more »

Moviewatch – Arthur Christmas

“So what would you like to see?”, I asked my daughter. “What’s on?”, she replied. I reeled off the list at the multiplex fully expecting her to pick ‘Alvin & the Chipmunks 3’, but secretly hoping that the one I really wanted to see might be acceptable. (My choice was Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ – which sounds as good as the… Read more »

What is normal anyway?

Annabel   22nd December 2011   1 Comment on What is normal anyway?

Sherry Cracker Gets Normal by D J Connell Sherry Cracker is not a normal girl – she’s a loner, loves tartan trousers, facts, and obsessively documents all the graffiti she sees around her town in her ‘OBSERVATIONS’ file. She works for Chinese businessman Mr Chin, in an office above the closed-down cinema, where they buy used gold from dentists. Sherry… Read more »

My Day in Books

Annabel   20th December 2011   4 Comments on My Day in Books

I found this meme which was started by Karen at Cornflower Books via Simon T at Stuck in a Book. Just complete the story with titles of books you have read this year. This was fun – so do feel free to have a go yourself… MY DAY IN BOOKS I began the day with The Fatal Eggs On my way… Read more »

Cuddle up with a cosy mystery

Death of a Cad by M C Beaton. Now that the weather is cold and frosty, what better type of book to huddle down with than a cosy mystery from M C Beaton. I did exactly this yesterday in between preparations for Christmas with the second in her Hamish Macbeth series set in the Highlands. Having loved the TV series… Read more »