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Beautiful and enjoyable but underdeveloped.

The Oracle of Stamboul by Michael David Lukas The story of Eleanora Cohen, a ten year old savant, sounded irresistible and would have been if the story had developed its full potential. Eleanora never knew her mother, but grows up to have a thirst for reading and knowledge doting on her father. When he has to go on a business… Read more »

When Em met Dex

Annabel   25th February 2011   14 Comments on When Em met Dex

One Day by David Nicholls It may have a contrived plot, and be the sort of chick-lit-ish book written by a bloke that many blokes will actually read, but One Day is not an ordinary book. Barring a slightly flabby middle, it was an all-absorbing read that twanged all my emotional heartstrings… It charts the lives of Emma and Dexter,… Read more »

A Ffunny evening with the Ffabulous Jasper Fforde

I couldn’t resist the ‘Ff’s.  I bet some authors would get fed up of people doing that, but I think Jasper Fforde a) wouldn’t mind because he will know that I love his books, and that is what matters, and b) does it himself on his website … Jasper was on day two of his book tour promoting his latest… Read more »

Celebrating 50 years of Penguin Modern Classics

Penguin are very good at celebrating their anniversaries.  Previously we’ve had the Penguin Sixties and then the Penguin Classics 60s back in the mid 1990s for the company’s sixtieth birthday – each series featuring sixty little pocket-sized books which were 60p each, and an eclectic mix they were too.  I remember visiting loads of different bookshops to try and collect… Read more »

The start of another great crime novel series

Cop Hater by Ed McBain Ed McBain is the author who really created the police procedural novel, with his series of fifty-five 87th Precinct books written between 1956 and 2005. In the introduction to Cop Hater, he tells how he came up with the idea of a squadroom of police officers, all with different characters, whom together would make a… Read more »

A novel of ‘Great expectations’

Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones With its lovely cover, and the promise of Dickensian fun in paradise, I was easily lured into this novel.  I’ll admit that having missed most of the hype about it when it came out, I was expecting a soft and lightly humorous novel along the lines of the The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency by… Read more »

Anne Frank seen through Peter’s Eyes

Annexed by Sharon Dogar It’s a brave author that takes a revered true-life text and then tells the same story from a different character’s point of view.  Sharon Dogar has done so with her third teen novel telling the familiar story of Anne Frank through Peter van Pels’ eyes.  Peter was the teenaged son of the other family that hid… Read more »

I’ve been selected to be a giver …

I’m rather excited, I got an e-mail just after midnight last night (didn’t read it until this morning though), telling me I’d been selected to be a giver of books on World Book Night which happens in the UK on March 5th following on from World Book Day on March 3rd. People were asked to apply to give away 48… Read more »