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Tales of beasts, wolves and crafty maidens

The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter I tried reading one of AC’s novels many years ago, but it was the wrong book for me at that time. When Claire at Paperback Reader who is a huge fan decided to host an Angela Carter month, it was time to try again. I’m glad I did.  This time I… Read more »

Home is where the heart is

The Swimmer by Roma Tearne The village of Orford, near Aldeburgh in Suffolk is not used to foreigners.  Someone’s killing animals by slitting their throats, and everyone is concerned about terrorists in their midst.  Ria, a poet, lives in relative isolation in  her late uncle’s cottage by the coast in Suffolk – it’s home.  Eric, a neighbouring farmer, is like… Read more »

Whatever Happened to Snail Mail?

Burley Cross Postbox Theft by Nicola Barker I was really keen to read Nicola Barker’s new book. I’ve read three others of hers, (although not her Booker shortlisted chunkster Darkmans yet). In those books I found she has a rare feel for ordinary people’s lives in and around London, capturing lifestyles and dialogue perfectly with great wit. Clear: A Transparent Novel… Read more »

Gaskella’s Midweek Miscellany #9

Along with all the tinkering I did last week, I had a change of template. This one is much more me! Changing subject, this isn’t bookish, but I want to share this site with you – ASL’s Lego page. Now I love Lego, but this chap is totally obsessed with it, and particularly loves recreating Escher drawings in 3D in Lego…. Read more »

LOTR Readalong – The Final Post

The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: Vol 3 by JRR Tolkien. This month was the last part of the LOTR Readalong and everyone’s final thoughts can be found at Just Add Books. Having finished all 1076 pages of the three volumes of LOTR plus the Hobbit I think I’m going to miss them. The final volume was certainly full… Read more »

An Education – See the film, read the book

Usually I always read the book before the film, but in the case of An Education by Lynn Barber, I saw the film on DVD first. In this case it didn’t matter, for the events that were adapted for the film, composed just a chapter in her memoir.  It was originally written as an article for Granta magazine and later… Read more »

Lit Lists #3 – Ancient Roman Times

Today you get one of my listy filler posts – I hope you don’t mind. Too much time spent blog tinkering and pootling around the garden means not enough time reading books. I didn’t even get any reading done this morning when I woke up as my brain was full of a bad dream which was set off by the story on… Read more »

Tinkering is so time-consuming!

These past few days I’ve been getting down to doing a lot of housekeeping on my blog, much of it dating from when I moved over to WordPress from Blogger. I still have some way to go, however I have done the following: Added a new page for books read in 2009.  (Still to do – Links back to reviews)… Read more »

This black covered teen novel rocks!

Emily the Strange: Lost Days by Rob Reger and Jessica Gruner, illustrated by Rob Reger and Buzz Parker  I bought this book last year for my nine year old – it’s written for young adults, but we fell in love with the cats. After a quick flick through, there was no subject matter to worry about, just some long words… Read more »

Book Group Report – Celebrity Memoirs!

My S**t Life So Far by Frankie Boyle Out of all the celebrity memoirs available out there that we could have picked to read in our Book Group, we ended up with Frankie Boyle’s!  For anyone who hasn’t seen the comedy panel game  ‘Mock the Week’ on BBC2, he’s a foul-mouthed Glaswegian comic who can be relied upon to be cringemakingly… Read more »