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Like Mother Like Daughter?

I’ve just read another two books about mothers and daughters. These short novels are rather different to the mother and daughter story in my last post though … Troubling Love by Elena Ferrante … is the first novel by one of Italy’s most acclaimed contemporary authors, a Neapolitan, who shuns publicity and is rather an enigma. I found it very… Read more »

Songs of Blue and Gold by Deborah Lawrenson

A few weeks ago the author of this book Deborah Lawrenson, having followed a trail from a comment I’d left on dovegreyreader scribbles to my blog, sent me a note to ask if I’d like to read her latest book. I was absolutely delighted, as once I’d visited Deborah’s website her books sounded very much my cup of tea. Being… Read more »

To star or not to star …

Opinion has always been divided about whether or not to give ratings for books – be it points out of ten, stars out of five, or any other system you choose. When all is said and done, the words written about a book reveal far more than a mere rating. So why bother with the rating at all? On a… Read more »

Spread the Word – World Book Day – The Shortlist

The Spread the Word shortlist is out. This is part of World Book Day, and the 100 books to talk about have been whittled down to the last ten as voted for by vistors to the site. You can vote until Feb 27th for the winner. One of the books on the longlist that didn’t make it through to the… Read more »

Great title, great cover …

Up a Tree in the Park at Night with a Hedgehog by Paul Robert Smith Could the second book I’ve read in the past few months to feature the word ‘hedgehog’ in the title possibly be as good as the first here? Sadly, no – Up a Tree in the Park at Night with a Hedgehog by P. Robert Smith… Read more »

Probability Angels by Joseph Devon

I won a copy of this book on a giveaway over at Me and My Big Mouth. Based on the snippet of blurb it sounded quirky and intriguing. I was surprised when it arrived on the doormat, as a) it was sent out from the USA, and b) it turns out that the author Joseph Devon is a self-publisher. I’m… Read more »

Reducing the TBR mountains & Giveaway result!

As one commenter said, when they offered some of their non-wanted books as giveaways – no-one else wanted them either. Back at the beginning of the month I offered three of my books, culled under my new book-keeping rules, and in truth I wasn’t overwhelmed with offers to take them off my hands, but a few were keen, so here… Read more »

Bring on the revolution?

The Courilof Affair by Irene Nemirovsky The Russian Minister for Education, Courilof, is notorious for his cold-bloodedness and brutality and has been selected to be liquidated publicly to send a message to the masses that the revolution is coming. It’s 1903 and Leon M is assigned to the task. His initial job is to become part of Courilof’s household so… Read more »

Kitchen chemistry

Annabel   13th February 2009   2 Comments on Kitchen chemistry

As I’ve been very busy this week, and I’ve let myself get bogged down in a short novel of only 165 pages, I’m writing about something else again today… One of the nicest parts of working as a lab technician in a school is when you get to help the children in the classroom during practicals – I used to… Read more »

I’m not going out on Tuesdays now (unless I get back early!)…

Last night saw the return of one of my favourite TV series from last year – the second season of Mad Men started, and it looks just as good as ever. Everything about this show is so stylish, they put an immense amount of research into getting it exactly right for the period at the start of the 1960s in… Read more »