French, comic and dark – it’s a Pascal Garnier story…


Too Close to the Edge by Pascal Garnier Translated by Emily Boyce The dark short novels of Pascal Garnier have been a revelation for me (find out more here) so, the moment I got my hands on the latest to be translated by French to English specialists Gallic books, I just had to read it. He is often described as… Read more »

Yet more from the pre-blog archives…

Back to book reviews tomorrow, but for the bank holiday I decided to revisit some more of the capsule reviews I wrote for myself in my mega-spreadsheet which I started pre-blog and still keep going. The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart Feb 2008: The story of Merlin’s youth up to the birth of Arthur. I read this many years ago… Read more »

Book Spine Poetry #1

The late, great musical satirist Tom Lehrer had a song called I got it from Agnes which went I love my friends and they love me We’re just as close as we can be And just because we really care Whatever we get, we share! I got it from Agnes She got it from Jim…. etc etc So I shamelessly… Read more »

Science vs Magic in a Dystopian World


All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders The minute I read the tag-line on the press release for this book, I knew I had to read it: ‘A witch, a scientist and the end of the world’. This novel tries to do something that is not often seen in genre fiction – melding fantasy and urban SF in a dystopian… Read more »

A Family Balancing Act

Look at me

Look At Me by Sarah Duguid This debut novel sits neatly between family and psychological dramas, being all all about the upset in family dynamics when twentysomething actress Elizabeth discovers a letter from a sister she never knew she had in her father’s drawer. I found the letter the previous day when my father called from his holiday asking me… Read more »

My gut obsession continues -more food for thought

The Diet Myth

The Diet Myth by Tim Spector The first book I reviewed this year (Gut by Giulia Enders – review here) was a revelation to me. It created a new obsession – to improve my digestion and gut flora by eating better and hopefully losing some weight along the way. But learning about the anatomy and physiology of the gut from Gut was… Read more »

My TBR Rainbow #4: Green

P1030807 (602x1024)

We’re going green today. See the links for previous colours: Red, Orange and Yellow. There is a much larger range of hues in the green spines of my TBR piles, than previous colours. Not least in the representatives of the two major imprints – from the mint of the 1990s era Penguin Modern Classics to the bottle-green of Virago Modern Classics…. Read more »

It’s World Book Night and our literary cup runneth over!

WBN Logo 2016

World Book Night & Recommendations for Reluctant Readers Whether I register to be a giver or not, I always get excited about World Book Night. I didn’t apply this year, but I have been a giver three times before (links to my reviews): The Spy Who Came In From the Cold by John Le Carre in 2011, the first WBN. Rivers… Read more »

Two Shorter Reviews

Trading futures

Trading Futures by Jim Powell Matthew Oxenhay is having an existential crisis. He set his hippy ideals behind him long ago, swapping them for a career in the city, wife, kids, nice house in a nice London suburb. Then it was his 60th birthday, and shortly afterwards he lost his job, but his boss let him keep coming to work… Read more »

Reprints Shiny Linkiness

SNB logo tiny

Today I’m going to highlight some of my reviews in the latest edition of Shiny New Books – all in the Reprints section.  See I do read some older books! Modesty Blaise: Ripper Jax Titan Books are systematically releasing anthologies of all the Modesty Blaise cartoon strips that used to appear in the Evening Standard from the 1960s into the early… Read more »